Water Donation Project

Water Delivery for the Wayuu Community

Ever since we went to La Guajira we fell in love with the Wayuu indigenous community and their amazing skills as weavers. They are the masters behind the famous Wayuu mochila bag. A crochet bag with centuries of meaning and importance in their life, culture and economic fulfillment.

Not only we have continued to support their craft for more than ten years, but in recent years we knew we had to give back in many other ways. In 2020, we began to donate trucks that deliver clean drinking water to dozens of families.

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Thanks to donors like you...

- 39.600 gallons were delivered in 2021
- 28.000 gallons were delivered in 2022
- 39.000 gallons were delivered in 2023

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With your help we will continue to bring water every quarter or more to the Wayuu. This community also needs clothes, shoes and basic medicine. Please contact us for more info

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