Hogar Full Mola + Leather Wallet with Picture Pocket | Handmade Kuna Tribe

Full Mola + Leather Wallet with Picture Pocket | Handmade Kuna Tribe

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Design Number: 180

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100% Genuine leather from Colombia + FULL Mola appliqué from the Kuna tribe.
These beautiful wallets are all handmade with the best materials and excellent craftsmanship.
One of a kind! Only one wallet available per design. No two wallets are alike.

Molas are the famous textile-art that forms part of the traditional women's clothing of the Guna [in the language itself spelled Kuna prior to a 2010 orthographic reform] people from Panama and parts of Colombia. Although it has its origin in body painting, after the European colonization molas were transferred to fabric using the reverse-appliqué technique.

Molas are hand-stitched using multiple layers of fabric - mostly cotton - A mola can take from two weeks to six months to make, depending on the complexity of the design

Size Closed:
width: 4.5 inches (11 cm)
height: 3.5 inches (8.5 cm)

3 -credit card slots
2 -4in pockets
1 -6.5in bill pocket
1 picture slot
Closes with snap

Design Number

180, 196