Wayuu Bags: How are these traditional pieces made?

Wayuu Bags: How are these traditional pieces made?

Wayuu bags are not just ordinary purses; they bring an authentic touch to anyone who carries them. They are a unique type of bag that adds color, vibrancy, and, above all, freshness. These bags are woven with highly original designs created through repeating patterns throughout the piece. They stand out for their geometric shapes, each carrying its own meaning, often linked to elements of nature such as animals, flowers, or water. Wayuu bags have gained popularity recently and have become a prominent trend in society. Nowadays, you can spot movie stars and famous personalities flaunting these bags. In this article, you'll learn step by step how Wayuu bags are made and all the essential details to consider.

Step by Step: How Wayuu bags are made?

Before you begin weaving your Wayuu bag, you need to have all the materials on hand, which are primarily a crochet hook and yarn. This allows you to start creating according to your preferences in terms of color and pattern. Below, you'll find a step-by-step guide on how Wayuu bags are made.

Preparing the Materials

 First and foremost, you'll need to gather and prepare all the necessary materials for crafting your Wayuu bag. This ensures you have a clear overview of the variety of yarns you'll need, along with scissors and crochet hooks. This organization is essential before you start. The must-haves for starting include a 2.5mm crochet hook, a cardboard container to hold the yarn and prevent tangling during the bag's creation, cotton yarn of the same thickness as the hook, scissors for cutting the yarn, and a colored marker to indicate crochet rounds.

Building the Foundation

After preparing the materials, you'll choose the design for the Wayuu bag's base. You can opt for different shapes, such as a star pattern, which determines the stitches you'll need to crochet in your preferred color. Note that, once the loop is made, you'll add all the colors you intend to use in your base. 

Typically, four to six colors are used, but that depends on your chosen design. Following this, you'll move on to the second round, where you'll begin working with two colors. In this round, you'll make one single crochet stitch in one color and two increases in the other color, repeating until you close the round. This adds a total of eight new stitches compared to the previous round.

Crafting the Body of the Wayuu Bag

Once the base is complete, you'll move on to crafting the body of the Wayuu bag. For this part of the bag, you'll choose the pattern you want to follow, such as geometric figures.

Count the stitches you made in the last round of the base and keep them in that section, assuming the color mix of the pattern. Therefore, the yarn will continue upward without needing to crochet the body of the bag separately from the base and then attach it.

Finishing with the Strap and Drawstring

This is the final and simplest step of all. After crocheting the entire base and body, you'll only need to get the bag ready by attaching the strap and drawstring. To do this, cut 10 pieces of yarn, each two meters long, in various colors, and tie a knot at one end. Make sure to secure the knot somewhere so that it stays in place, then separate five pieces of yarn on each side.

For each piece of yarn, you'll need to twist the cord to the right and stretch it from the tip until it becomes difficult to twist further. Once both strands have been twisted, stretch each one from one end and allow them to twist around themselves. Afterward, tie a knot at the end and cut the excess yarn to make it even.

Finally, all that's left is to crochet the strap and then attach it to the bag. For this, it's recommended to leave a long tail at each end of the strap, stitching it securely to ensure it won't break under the weight of the bag. In other words, make sure to sew one end at the top of the bag where each round begins, and the other end where it joins the base.

Follow these steps and create a beautiful wayuu bag with your hands.


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